Every year, big changes occur that seems to shake the SEO industry. There have been a number of developments in SEO over the last few years. As Google’s algorithm updates constantly keep business owners on their toes, several other trends are expected to take shape in 2017.

One thing that has consistently changed in SEO that is search results and they will continue to change. Some of the trends to watch, which will affect your Search results and how to optimize the best website are:

The increase of Voice Search:

Voice search is the fastest growing search, As voice algorithms are getting better I think that in 2017 more people are going to use voice search. Voice search is more conversational in nature. It usually composed of the whole sentence that asks exactly what the user want. Queries from Google, searching for information or anything will become mainstream.

Content quality will matter the most:

People are writing lengthy articles, covering lots of topics in one topic for their website. Probable chances are a new trend may make the length entirely and will be focusing on providing more information as much as possible. Content quality will be an appeal to the readers.

Link Building will become important:

Link building will become more important as ranking. There is nothing better than building the relationships. If you succeed in building the good relationship with influence, only then you can involve them in writing of a content. Then you can add links to other sites that will act as a magnet to attract more people.

Social Media will Become Largest traffic occurring sites:

Millions of people like to be engaged in social media. Customers, consumers, sellers, service providers are being discovered in social media. When they need any customer support, they would probably refer to social media. Soon it will become a major source of quality referral traffic.

Webpage Loading speed will matter A lot:

If a Website loading speed is within 3 to 5 seconds, only then the visitor will be satisfied. If your website is responsive or mobile friendly only then it will get a higher ranking in the Google SERP results.


Google has declared that they would appreciate only those websites who have an “https” besides domain name because https is only that assures people that the website is in safe mode.

Cross-Channel Marketing:

Using Various Channels for Market your Product has become a trend. Cross-channel marketing has a deep impact on increased conversion rates. A recent case study on marketing declares that cross-channel marketing is still in its childhood stage, but its trend will continue to rise in 2017.

Mobile Sites Still Get more share of the traffic:

Website with mobile-friendly designs will get more share of the search traffic. As per the current status, websites getting 63% of the traffic from the mobile devices and 37% from the desktop. So keep in mind about that facts so that you will not miss much of the visitors to your website.

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