SEO means search engine optimization and is a technique used to promote web pages on the search engine for better ranking and traffic. It is all about attracting the right customer in the search engine by using the right search terms in your website pages for raking.

SEO’s main motive is to bring your website on top of the search result in a natural way by using certain techniques that do not break the search engine rules.

SEO can be divided into 2 parts:

On Page SEO

It Refers to the factors that have an effect on your Web page or website. On page SEO optimized content for your target keyword. It Includes proper headings, Content quality and many other factors like meta tags, keywords, URL optimization, internal linking etc. On page SEO make the base of your website promotion activities.

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO focuses on enhancing the authorization through getting links from another website. The more quality links your website has, the higher your ranking on search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Top 5 Strategies You Will Learn About SEO At

How Does Search Engine work?

Yahoo, Bing, and Google are the topmost search engines you will probably work within India. If you want marketing at an International level Baidu, Excite and other search engines are available. You will mainly learn how Google Extract information from their index in order to provide you with more relevant results.

Link Building Techniques

Links are not everything in SEO. Search engines can not only analyze the popularity of the website. It’s mainly based on the number of pages linking to them. Link Building is the height of several skills. You have to be very creative in sales, content writing old type of marketing if you want to link people to your site.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Keyword Research is an important part of SEO. It mainly focuses on how to choose the most relevant keyword for your content, services or product. Keywords are the important infrastructure for online marketing efforts.

SEO Tools

Google Analytics, Google Console, Keyword Planner, Alexa, Moz Tools and more…

Website Performance

It is the main task of an SEO to check the performance of your Website from time to time. Despite loosely related to SEO, you should be interested in website speed. If you don’t It would be affecting your ranking indirectly. A Website can be checked for the performance by using Google tools like Google Analytics & Google search console.

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WebTecz is a complete IT service providing company located in India dealing in Digital Marketing, Web Development & Designing, App Development and eCommerce development. Contact us for 6 month industrial training.

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