Today, eCommerce influences up to 56% of in-store purchases, while eCommerce itself represents almost 10% of U.S. retail sales and that figure is growing by nearly 15% annually.

A vendor can sell his or her products by displaying the pictures and the consumers can buy through online payment if anything interests them.

Here technology takes care of the consumers need and their interest in this competitive world. Following are the latest technologies and advanced features which will be used in the future.



Chatbots like siri, Alexa, Google Assistance and others are very helpful for subpar interactions that are far away from being capable of having a conversation with real-life human assistance. The bot acts more like a professional one in very formal manner.

Storefront Digitizing

Today’s world online store are playing a major role in one’s life. Most of the people love to buy products like clothes, footwear’s and makeup essentials online.

To take To take these initiatives to customers, retailers are investing a lot on digitizing services such as mobile apps, location-based promotions, price matching.

Storefront digitizing means a virtual mirror where a customer sees himself and can visualize how they would look by wearing a particular dress or outfit.

They do not have to wear it in reality. This visualizing mirror able to save their information like, their size and color. Due to this technology, there may chances of return reduction to a great extent.

Purchase Directly From Social Media


Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Linkedin are the most popular and most successful to covering the sales 60 percent approx.

Nowadays, social media providing the facility to buy products directly from the site’s page and can proceed for online payment.

Voice assistants

Voice assistants is a voice activated which is efficient and convenient technology and it is based on the internet to things. It performs tasks after listens user’s voice and commands.

Amazon’s Echo Alexa, Google’s Google assistant and Apple’s Siri are the most popular voice assistants. Through these assistants, a user can buy tickets, book a taxi and takeout an order and many more by just giving the voice command.

Augmented Reality Device


Suppose you want to decorate your room and have a confusion of what to buy you can easily try the virtual objects those are visible at the website.

This will help you visualize what looks better in your room a table or shelf. You won’t have to choose anything randomly for that you would not be sure what might look good and what not.

This will be helpful for customers who does shopping online they have a virtual experience before actually purchasing and can make a wise decision while buy anything.

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