“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” – Confucius

The above quote aptly depicts the current scenario of our education system wherein students are compelled to listen to the teachers and comply with their each and every sentence blindly. And, this one-way teaching method has done more harm to us than bringing any fruits.

Our students have become robots who have forgotten the essence of education. They believe that blindly adhering to their teachers will bring success to them which is wrong. In fact, the education system should be designed in such a manner so that students can also feel them be an integral part of that system.

They must have the freedom to raise questions and their doubts and instead of memorizing their lessons, they must get the chance to practical perform their learning because in that way they will understand better and will actually become educated.

Coming back to our Indian education system which only imparts theoretical knowledge that has become the major obstacles for an Indian college pass out to acquire a job in today’s competitive world. And seeing the current developments, it would be unreasonable to expect things to change quickly.

Therefore, six months industrial training has become imperative, especially for those students who belong to smaller cities & towns. They urgently require industrial training because it helps them to accommodate themselves according to the job market.

Since industrial training is mandatory for all students irrespective of their stream. However, the importance of industrial training is a must thing for computer science & IT students. As IT (Information Technology) is the fastest growing field and it has been continually evolving over the past few years. Therefore, one needs to be on his/her toes to survive and succeed in this industry.

Industrial Training

How Industrial Training is Different From Training Institutes:

This is a conflicting question that usually haunts a student that which is the best industrial training or training institute? So, let’s look at both one by one to find out about that pros & cons:

Training Institutes:

Training refers to teaching someone work procedures, special skills in a classroom environment. The main emphasis of training institutes is about to make you learn some special skills or courses.

The main advantage of enrolling in the training institute for a course is that you get mentored by a coach or teacher who will ensure that you learn adequately and he/she assists you to achieve that goal.

The disadvantage of educating in the training institute is that they provide you classroom environment which you have already experienced. And, they emphasize on learning that you have already done, but they keep you away from practical knowledge.


Or they provide you with very little exposure to practical & current technology. Most of the training institutes which are operating in cities such as Amritsar, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jalandhar & NCR are teaching outdated technologies that have no use. And they are charging a lump sum amount from you for those courses.

And In the lack of proper guidance, students are paying to these institutes. However, even after investing their time and money in these outdated courses, students are not getting jobs. Moreover, having no practical knowledge has also become a hurdle for them to prove themselves in today’s competitive job market.

Industrial Training in Company:

It refers to imparting practical knowledge to a student by making him/her work on live projects. In industrial training students gets an opportunity to hand on with technology that helps them to understand in a more efficient way that how things work in the real world.

The other advantage of joining industrial training is that after successful completion of training tenure, you are awarded a certificate, whereas, in training, you won’t get any experience of working on live projects.

While working on live projects, you get to know that how things operate in the business world. And what kind of pressure a developer faces and how he gets over it. All these essential things you get to know after enrolling yourself for industrial training.

You also get to know that working etiquettes and ethics which you won’t get to learn in training.

So, above-mentioned points will more than efficient to entail one that why industrial training is more benevolent than training.

Why Industrial Training is More Important In Amritsar & Other Small Cities:

The importance of industrial training immensely increases in smaller cities & towns. The reason for it that small city students are mostly not being taught interpersonal skills, technical knowledge and etiquettes. Hence, industrial training helps them to learn all these essential parameters to attain success in their lives.

And make them strong so that they do not glitch while facing an interview.

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It also provides industrial training in digital marketing courses such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), Keyword Research & Analysis.

The institute also does counseling to assist you recognizing your area of interest and push you toward that to avail success. The highly experienced team ensures that you learn only advance technology.

Hence, if you are eyeing for a successful career in IT then join Webtecz that provides best PHP training in Amritsar, best Asp.net Training in Amritsar, Best Java Training in Amritsar, best digital marketing institute in Amritsar.

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