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On-Page Search engine Optimization plays a very significant role in making a website visible on search engine. There is no need to do anything else for your website if ON-PAGE SEO is done in the right way.

On-page factors are the aspects of a web page that significance search engine ranking. On-page SEO work depends on some factors. Here, we are going to present the Top 7 On-page optimization Factors that affect search engine optimization ranking.

Optimize Keywords:

The very First strategy to increase your business on Google for higher ranking is to analyze your Website Keyword Regularly. Prefer Google Keyword Planner or you can use some another Tool for Keyword Analysis. Following are some points you need to focus while declaring keyword in any point of your website.

  • Optimize Keyword Research and Selection
  • Optimize website keyword in Title Tag
  • Optimize Keyword in Meta tag
  • Optimize Keywords in Anchor Tag
  • Optimize Keyword in URL of the Webpage

Heading Tags:

The heading tags help structure the content on your page semantically. Use of appropriate H1 and H2 labels is suggested. The H1 tag should be similar to the title tag with some variation. This is the Top Most important on On-page optimization factor for getting betting SEO result.

Please, make sure You will use the only H1 tag for your content heading, however, you can use the rest of the heading tags within your content.


URL Naming:

Use search engine friendly URL structure for each page of your website so that Google can better crawl your web page. For e.g. in the picture shown below the URL of the page is same as the Title of the Page. This will help Google crawl faster about the page and shows result accordingly.

URL Writing

Optimize the Images:

Images are most used on On-page SEO. Try to post optimized Images to your web page. If images optimized properly they can bring lots of traffic to your web page. Here, I have some point of views for you to optimize your images properly on your webpage.

  • Use a Caption
  • Rename the Images
  • Give them an Alternate Text

Or Keep the image lighter (you can also compress the images with some Google tools), it will not impact your webpage loading time.

Page Load Time:

Page load time is a ranking factor of for Google. If You use WordPress, make sure you keep Plugins to a minimum.

In order to fix page load time, Start checking your page load time by using online tools, which will give you a complete report, that’s how much time a page takes to load. If your page load time is more than your competitors then it can affect the rate of converting visitors to customers.

Responsive Design:

To make your Writing mobile friendly use a responsive design for your Web site. Google loves to see well responsive design websites. Websites are mainly a tool for sharing Content. A user-friendly site makes it easier for Visitors to find, learn and share the content. It helps those users who are increasingly likely to go over the internet on tablets and mobiles.

Add Content Frequently:

Make sure you update your website content on a regular basis. You can write blogs and articles related to your services and Products for your Web site, but make sure the content you have written will be fresh. Don’t copy for any other site.


These 7 On-page SEO techniques can be used to improve the website ranking. Follow these simple 7 On-page SEO techniques will surely help you to boost up your traffic and ranking as well.

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