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ISP License and Set up Consulting Services

ISP business has been expanding by leaps and bounds. Seeing the huge profit in this business, many young entrepreneurs want to become an Internet Service Provider. Being in this business for the last ten years, we are aware of every in and outs of this field. Hence, if you are planning to start your own ISP business.

Planning to start Internet Service Provider Business but confused?

Not to worry, WebTecz provides ISP Consultancy Services Package in India for starting an Internet Service Provider Business.


The ISP Consulting Package Includes:

  1. ISP License Procurement
  2. Technology Selection.
  3. Technology Implementation.
  4. Accounting Management.
  5. Different Types of Internet Services Management.
  6. Legal Procedures.
  7. Taxation.

Based on the Service Area of Operation, they are categorized as Category ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’

Category A:

This covers the territorial jurisdiction of the Union of India except for specified areas that may be notified to be excluded from time to time.

Category B:

This comprises of every one of the 20 Territorial Telecom Circles and the four Metro Telephone Systems of Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, and Chennai of the DoT.

Category C:

C Category ISP license in India allows you to offer internet services in a Secondary Switching Area. This incorporates any Secondary Switching Area (SSA) with their topographical limits characterized by DoT as of 1.4.1997.

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