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Don’t Do Article Creation for Link Building

In the event that you do guest blogging or article publishing with the end goal of link building, with the aim of controlling Google’s indexed lists – then that is something Google can and penalizes for. Here and there those punishments can adversely affect your general site’s positioning and some of the time it implies that Google disregards the links on a site or to a site. In any case, it can hurt.
Google expressed “what violates Google’s rules on link Schemes is the point at which the principle goal is to create links for your site. The following are variables that, when taken to an extraordinary, can show when an article is infringing upon these rules:”

  • Stuffing keyword rich links to your site in your articles.
  • Publishing same article on various sites.
  • Utilizing or contracting article writers that aren’t proficient about the topics they are writing.
  • Utilizing the same or comparative content over these articles or copying the full substance of articles present in your site (in this case utilization of rel=”canonical”, notwithstanding rel=”nofollow”, is prompted)

This kicked the bucket in 2014 and has passed on a few times from that point forward.
Yet, numerous people are currently anticipating that mass manual activities should take after this blog entry from Google. Honestly, I don’t know. I expected that last time Google did an update post and it didn’t occur, no mass manual activities hit after that.

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