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How To Compare Paid Search And Organic Search Without Sounding Foolish?

A week ago, I had the adversity of experiencing may be the most confused string on computerized showcasing I’ve ever observed on Twitter (which is stating something), in which an SEO declared unequivocally that “organic search traffic beats paid traffic for every single metric.”

To me, these announcements appeared to be silly and even fiery. Be that as it may, much amazingly, numerous SEOs got onto this string and were about it. Et tu, Rand?

Realistically, I’m not sure what data can truly back up these far-reaching statements declaring dominance of organic search performance over paid pursuit in each metric. What’s more, Rand’s admonition neglects to address the genuine issue of this string, which is its narrow-minded, one-versus-the-other preface.

In reality, a few searchers will tap on promotions. Others will click on organic links. Marketers should be trying to capture both.

We should discuss the current landscape and dive into how they’re better; more nuanced approaches to look at performance comparisons between are paid search and SEO— without all the bluster.

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